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Customer Testimonials

Gayle's Yoga Nidra & Thai Yoga Body Work sessions are heavenly. Her person centered approach and studio space are warm and inviting. I've experienced wonderful energetic and physical shifts while working with Gayle and always leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

- Terri Kelley Palin- Artist, Creative Play Coach & Life Stress Reduction Facilitator

After my session I felt like I had taken a long nap. I was refreshed, happy, and stress free! I would recommend Center Yoga & Healing Arts to everyone.

- Jessica Burdin-


In 2011, Gayle and I attended an Introduction to Thai Bodywork workshop which introduced a new world of the healing arts to me. When Gayle became a practitioner, I reaped the benefits for body and mind. She has created a sacred space in which I become stretched, massaged,relaxed, and peaceful. The healing energy is truly amazing. I have been a yoga "follower" for many years; now I have added Thai Bodywork and Yoga Nidra to my life. Thank you , Gayle!!!!

- Dodie Curtis -

Good morning just wanted to let you know how much I loved my session with you, it was the ultimate stretch that I needed.. And I loved the sunny space ,, warm and delightful .. Thanks again Gayle

- Joanne Adkins-